The Story So far…

Greetings, people of England, the Commonwealth and the World.
Welcome to the website of the Lonely Knight.
You have obviously clicked this link because you are curious about what drives a man to walk 55 miles in armour, from the coast to the capital city.

Let me enlighten you.

Many years ago, my younger brother and two friends invited me out for a drink to celebrate St Georges Day. We wore the colours, and visited several pubs, but along the way, realized that very few people even knew that it was St Georges Day, even asking us who England were playing at football… From that day, I vowed to spread the word to anyone who cared to listen, and never again would I go to work on the day of our nation’s patron saint.

Now, about 10 years later, I have spent more money than I care to think about on a full suit of armour, and St Georges Day has grown in stature in Worthing year to year, with amazing support from the Rose and Crown in Montague Street, who shut down the road each year and hold a children’s street party, involving local businesses and people from a real mix of cultures, making it an event which is enjoyed by everyone.

2011 is a special year.
Saturday 23rd April is St Georges Day.
Friday 29th April is the Royal Wedding in Westminster, London.

It has been said that a man carrying around 5 stone in armour could not walk to London in that time unless he is a super strong, super fit, mentally tough and heroic individual.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man…

Unfortunately, I don’t fit the description above. I work in an office, eat bad food and don’t do enough exercise. My stomach would feel at home on a weeble (remember them?) and I have a tendency to take the easy option… What a great place to start!

I will be waving my fond farewell to the coastal paradise we call Worthing, dressed in full armour, to carry a rose on behalf of the Mayor and the people of Worthing, to Westminster, where I will complete my mission by casting the Rose, from the Rose and Crown, in front of the carriage carrying the happy couple (the crown).

As you can see, I’m raising money in online sponsorship through ‘just giving’ for Chestnut Tree House, the only children’s hospice in Sussex, who make such a difference to the lives of seriously ill children and their families.
I will also be collecting on the way (dragging a treasure chest into which much gold will be thrown, I hope) for Help for Heroes and Chestnut Tree House.

I do hope that you will take the time to press the button and sponsor me – and please, spread the word. Every penny raised makes such a difference.

The Knight

I am dressed as the traditional image of St George.
This is intended to arouse pride and raise a smile in everyone I meet, regardless of colour, religion or country of origin. I do not intend any offence to any group of people, nor am I making any sort of political statement.
Please, if anyone has concerns, put them behind you, come and see me on my journey, talk to me, and together we will raise as much as possible for these well deserving charities.   

13 Responses to The Story So far…

  1. Sheila Humphrey says:

    What time are you leaving the Rose & Crown on the day? Would love to wave you off

  2. Colin says:

    Hi Sheila
    I’m busy drawing up a plan of action for the day, but it’s likely we (the touring St Georges Day crew (anyone welcome, more soon…)) will arrive at the Rose and Crown for about 4.00pm, when there will be a rousing speech, a bit of toasting and and eventually a farewell wave at between 5.00 – 6.00.
    I’ll be putting more info here as plans are made, so keep looking in!
    All the best

    Lonely Knight

  3. Angela says:

    Good Morning Colin:

    It was an honour to meet you yesterday evening, I hope the final mile wasn’t too arduous….

    A massive well done on your achievment so far.

    The three of us (and the dog) wish you the absolute best of luck and send our love with you as you continue your epic journey.

    Kindest Regards
    Angela & family x x x

    • Colin says:

      Hi Angela
      The welcome I Received at The Royal Oak was so uplifting after covering about 16 miles that day, I don’t think anyone saw a tear escape under the helmet as I approached!
      Many thanks to all of you there, although following the celebration drink, the last mile was murder!
      What a great pub, I will be returning soon and hope to see some of the locals who made me feel so welcome.
      A really lovely pub, with a really lovely group of locals.

  4. Tony Peckham says:

    Dear Lonely Knight,

    I have just met you as you walk between Leatherhead high st and J9 of the M25. I was with the young toddler in the buggy and we stopped for a chat and shook hands (if you remember).

    I will now be following you all the way to the end of your journey and once again, I wish you the best of luck for a very worthy cause. A wonderful, typically British thing you are doing!

    All the best, and sorry if I did seem a little startled, not often you see a Knight in full armour walking down the street in Leatherhead.



    • Colin says:

      Hi Tony
      Thanks for your comments, and believe me, by that time I had grown to expect all manner of reactions, so ‘startled’ seemed perfectly normal!
      I’m so glad the challenge has managed to spark such enthusiasm – I guess it was just the right time for a mad and typically ‘English’ mad cap enterprise to make everyone smile!

      All the best
      Col – Lonely Knight

  5. Paul Holden - Worthing Journal says:

    Well done Colin – what an achievement! Got some great photos!

  6. gloria says:

    You deserve a medal ,for what you are doing .What a way to lose weight .Enjoy your pints you have earned them.
    I know you will do it , enjoy the wedding

    • Kanae says:

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  7. Gail says:

    Just saw you on the BBC, congratulations on the success of you walk. My kids enjoyed meeting you in Horsham and have followed your progress all week.

  8. Abigail says:

    I met you on the outskirts of Leatherhead town centre. I was the lady on the big chestnut horse who was rather startled by your appearance and noisy suit! Well done on a fantastic achievement.

    • Colin says:

      Many thanks. I remember wondering whether to stand still so the horse didn’t go mad, or tiptoe as quietly as possible away (not easy with metal feet!) – glad we both survived unscathed!

    • Maria says:

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