Following my decision to take on this mad mission, there are a few people who have really gone the extra mile to help me go the extra 55. Those mentioned in this highly esteemed list have sacrificed their time and provided their expertise and skill through their own generosity and support for our good causes.

I give these people my heartfelt thanks – I have truly been humbled by their enthusiasm and willingness to help make all this possible.

Dave Edwards, and his staff at the Rose & Crown in Worthing.
Over the past few years, he has made St Georges Day a bigger event than it has ever been before in Worthing, and his efforts are appreciated by customers and other ‘West End’ businesses alike.
This St Georges Day, why not dress in the colours and pay them a visit?

Mark Ford
As soon as he heard of the challenge, Mark offered his services and has built the platform on which I now write, blog, and generally look much more impressive than I really am!
He has been my Twitter ‘midwife’ and tied it all together into a package that even I can nearly work, and what’s more plugged it like crazy to get the word out! Cheers mate, for the many hours you have spent.

Chris Nation – webination
Chris gave up a morning’s work to come and take publicity photographs when I needed them in a hurry.
One phone call and he dropped everything to come and help despite having a busy day planned. The pics are amazing (you will see them in his gallery here), and meant meeting the media deadline instead of missing out on a great opportunity. Thanks so much mate.

Karyn McCormick – the ‘Mickey’ to my Rocky Balboa
As my chief trainer on the road, Karyn gives up chunks of her time to cycle behind me on my walks, hurling verbal abuse when required, and running me over if I slow down too much!
Thanks Karyn, for keeping me going!


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