The Lonely Knight delivers his St George’s day address

One of the highlights of the street party at the Rose & Crown

If you have any photos of the touring party during the day, or from the street party please send them in

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2 Responses to The Lonely Knight delivers his St George’s day address

  1. Paul Rumsey says:

    It was great meeting you today as you journeyed to Southwater on your quest. We all wish you well and Thomas really enjoyed meeting you. Many thanks. I have sent some of the photos I took to the BBC, West Sussex County Times, KABC. Hopefully this might increase your publicity and help the charity.

    • Colin says:

      Hi Paul
      All the publicity has been brilliant, BBC radio Sussex & Surrey were amazing, and I have discovered what a tough nut tv is to crack!
      Thanks so much for your contribution, it was great to chat to you and Thomas, and fingers crossed, there will be a few more chances to make the press and increase the benefit to the charities.
      All the best

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