Interviewed by the BBC


Colin live on the BBC Royal Wedding coverage

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  1. Adrian Horejsi of Melbourne says:

    I think it’s a great thing to do and I wish there were more people out there willing to do this sort of stuff. You can bring England’s history back to life as well as making money for very needy charities. A win win for everyone. Keep up the good work .

    • Colin says:

      Thanks so much. I’m now resting the old feet a bit and counting the money raised – stand by for the announcement!

      • Adrian Horejsi of Melbourne says:

        Colin , ever considered an annual St George’s day walk between major towns for fundraising ? Each year you could walk to a different place and take sponsored followers with you , collecting money & enlightening the masses as you go. I’m sure you would get massive media coverage and capture the imagination of the English nation all over again! In Melbourne , our childrens hospital appeal every Good Friday raises millions of dollars (over $12,000,000 in 2011) and really forges a community spirit. If I wasn’t living in Australia I would definitely be assisting in helping continue your cause. Anyway , just an idea. Cheers

  2. Zora says:

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