The route takes root

The knight’s route from coast to capital is starting to take real shape now, as accommodation is secured in some glorious establishments along the walk.
Many, many thanks to my overnight hosts, without whom I would be sleeping in a field somewhere! These are wonderful, unique local businesses who have shown support for our charitable event, so please, help return the favour by visiting, and recommending them to your friends. 

Day one, St Georges Day! Saturday 23rd April
The Rose And Crown
, Worthing (Montague Street, just West of the main shops)
Pop in to the Rose and Crown in the afternoon, where there will be an all day celebration with a garden barbecue, music and entertainment, and the ceremonial sword from the Czech Republic to be presented to the palace will be on display.

Knight one, Saturday 23rd April
I’ll be headed home in a taxi following just a short walk to the Worthing borders… Well, you can’t expect a 10 mile hike after a full day marching around the town!
Then a lift back to the same point in the morning…

Knight two, Sunday 24th April
The Crown Inn, Dial Post

I will be arriving at The Crown at around 2.30 – 3.00 in the afternoon. We would like to see as much support as possible as we expect press to be there for a picture or two. Please come along and have Sunday lunch or afternoon drinks with us. No further invitation required, just turn up for a lovely afternoon at a wonderful pub next to the green just a few minutes drive from town.

Knight three, Monday 25th April
Taylors Farm Retreat, Capel

Taylors is believed to be the oldest lived in house/hall in Surrey dating back to 1255. 
It is perfect for a short break, not only for a weary knight, but also for modern folk, as this medieval dwelling is set in stunning grounds in beautiful countryside, as well as being convenient to the A24 and Gatwick. Take a look at the website – it’s worth a visit to really relax for a few days without having to drive or fly for hours.

Knight four
Accommodation in Leatherhead required!

More soon, as it happens!

Lonely Knight

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3 Responses to The route takes root

  1. Sam Thorp says:

    Good Luck Colin ! Hope to see you back in Worthing for a drink soon 🙂
    Di , Sophie and Sam

  2. duke says:

    perhaps if pub had publicised it a bit more in dial post then you would havemore people turn out but sadly owners dontreally give a dam unless you have money and fit into snob group and into horses. good luck on your walk and hope other places look after you better we are ashamed of our village pub xxx

    • Colin says:

      Hi Duke
      It’s really would have been great to get more publicity in advance at the venues, but the accommodation was arranged pretty late in the day, as the route relied on so many places coming up trumps at once, so The Crown Inn only had posters / cards a few days before the trip.
      I have to say that Penny and James were fantastic, and I will be conveying my thanks to them separately. They helped raise a smashing amount of money, and their burgers are unequalled in my experience!
      On a more fundamental point, I personally feel that the local pub is, and must remain the haven where classes can be forgotten, and locals and villagers from every walk should be able to mingle happily with strangers and friends alike.
      In today’s challenging times, it is a case of ‘use it or lose it’ with our national institution of the village pub, and it should be cherished, and visited regularly to ensure it’s survival.
      Thanks for your best wishes, and I hope you have good times ahead at The Crown – it’s your local too.

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