The Knight gains momentum

It’s been a pretty hectic few days, and things have been moving along with gathering pace!

Last week, I went up to London to check out the area, and my route up to and within the capital will be published soon. I also spent an amazing few hours in the Tower of London. If, like me, you have not been since you were 9 years old, then go back. It’s a king’s ransom at nearly £20 per head, but worth every penny. The films of the coronation had even a man of steel such as myself welling up inside, but I soon felt better, the emotions calmed by stories of murder, torture and executions!

On my return, I found that the website had been born (thanks Mark) and there were people twittering & tweeting about the walk, a nice change from my usual bleating. Interest here has been increasing (although it would be great to see more of it turn to sponsorship for our main charity, Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice) and there is nice potential for some national press exposure.

I also did a shoot on the beach with Chris Nation of Webination,a local web bloke and brilliant photographer. His pics will hopefully be seen soon in a newspaper near you, but in the meantime, here is a selection.

Colin on Worting Beach © webination

Now for the great news!

I have received a request from the people of a town in the Czech Republic to present a replica of an historic ceremonial sword to the palace as a wedding gift to the Royal couple.
This is being made by the excellent craftsmen of Kovex Ars, an armour and historic weapons producer of international repute based in the district of Chomutova, who have made much of the armour I wear myself. My next challenge is to try to arrange a presentation to the palace at the end of my long walk up to the city. What a potentially incredible end to spur me on during the journey!

Please hit the ‘sponsor me’ link at the top of the page.
My aim here is to raise a stonking great bucket of cash for our charities, so every little contribution will go to helping others who, despite how poor many of us may feel at the moment, are enduring situations so much worse than financial hardship. Please, give what you can.

Just so everyone knows, as well as Chestnut Tree House, I will be collecting cash donations on my walk, which will be split between them and Help For Heroes, another well deserving charity with which I hope you are familiar.

Follow me on Twitter to keep up to date with training and progress on the mission!

Until then…

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