Charting a course

This evening the team and I spent several hours trying to work out the route to London. This was more complicated than we first thought. After about four hours we had got as far as Dial Post, a small village just over 10 miles away.

I had planned to visit large towns & Gatwick Airport en route, however this made the journey  over 70 miles which we felt may be a bit of a stretch.

So, now the plan is to head more or less directly north up the A24. We have identified the hostelries where I will rest overnight (they don’t know that yet!). I wish to thank them in advance for their support in providing me with free lodgings. Needless to say I will be singing their praises for many years to come.

We hope to finalise a detailed route shortly and intend to publish it on the blog. Come back for regular updates.

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